​​Get Ideas on what to ​Post About
​Based on What You Bought


​Video Summary:

​It can be hard to come up with ideas on what to post about.  Here is another way you can come up with ideas.  

What did you buy recently?  What came in the mail today?  What did you order but hasn't come yet?  There's a good chance that at least some of those items will fit within your niche, and you can post about them.  

Also, when you were at the mall, what didn't you buy?  In other words, did you really like something but didn't buy it because of 1 reason?  Or did you go to a store hoping to buy something, but didn't?  These can make good posts too.  Just because you didn't buy something for a specific reason, doesn't mean that someone else would have the same reason. ​




​Think about these kinds of things:

Where did you go the last time you went shopping?  Did you buy something?  Did you plan on buying something?  Were you shopping for something in particular?

Did you get a package delivered in the past week or so?  What was it?  Why did you buy it?  How do you like it so far?

Are you about to buy something?  Are you doing research for it now?  What is it, and what are you considering buying?  What are you choosing between?


​Homework: Make a list of the things you recently bought (or where you bought them) if they fit into your niche at all.  These can make great posts!

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